Android Digital Timer

No matter if you're timing an egg or a marathon, Digital Timer is a gorgeous, reliable, accurate and absolutely free app for your Android or Kindle.

Get it on Google Play
Get it on Google Play

No annoyances

100% free. Absolutely no ads, spam, or obtrusive app permissions.

Authentically digital

Beautiful and simple design that uses the entire screen for touch.


Stopwatch and Countdown optimized modes, including alarms.

Absolutely accurate

Zero-drift timekeeping engine will keep your results accurate under all conditions. Even if your phone is taking a nap, we got you covered.

Kind on your phone

Zero power usage when the app is in the background or the screen is off. Super smooth and responsive when on.

Just say it

Fancy speech recognition understands what you want. Tap the mic icon and try saying:

  • "1 hour and 30 minutes"
  • "30 seconds and start"

Perfect for kitchen use. Supports English, French, German and Chinese voice input.

On the go

Alternatively use the Volume Up and Down keys on your phone to Start, Pause and Reset the timer without looking at the screen.

I had fun making this app, I hope you'll enjoy using it.