5 Star Words Released!

5 Star Words, a new online word game is now available for download for Android and Kindle devices.

The gameplay consists of a fast paced find-the-words theme, that can be enjoyed either by yourself or by competing against other players in the online tournament mode that is running 24/7 with players from all around the world.

The boards are expertly designed by our resident team of mad scientists and jam-packed with words; up to 500 words per round for maximum word finding frenzy. That's a crazy amount of words, from the mundane (at least 300 common English words are in every round) to the weird and the wonderful. As you play, the dictionary and algorithms are also constantly expanding and improving.

Special attention has been paid to making this an ideal pick-up-and-play type of game; you can play a full round in as little as 2 minutes. The game is also extremely fast to start (no loading screens here!) and snappy, yet features gorgeous animations and high-resolution graphics.

Unlike many other tournament word games, 5 Star Words can also be enjoyed when you don't have an Internet connection, for example on the subway, or if you simply prefer playing at your own pace without going online.

Will you be the 5 Star Champion? Join the tournament today.

Get 5 Star Words on Google Play
5 Star Words available on Kindle Fire